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3 x US Krag Rod Guide
4 x Enbloc Clip Combo PACK
6 x M1A/M14 Front and Rear Sight Cover Set
3 x M1A Castle Nut Wrench
6 x S.L.E.D.
4 x Chamber Brush 2 Pack with Handle 308
2 x M3A1 Tool
2 x M1 Muzzle Buddy Combo Kit
9 x 6mm/.240 BRONZE BORE BRUSH
5 x M1 Garand 5 Round Enbloc Clip
3 x Garand Enbloc Clip-Single
2 x M1 Garand 2 Round Enbloc Clip
12 x .22-.26 Caliber Patches, 400 COUNT
5 x 22 cal Bronze Bore Brush
6 x M1 Garand Sight Covers
4 x 6" Cleaning Rod/Chamber Brush Handle
7 x Garand Enbloc Clips-5 Pack
4 x Clip Latch Spring, New Orion 7
2 x M1Buddy & Brushes Combo (M1 & M1A)
2 x Moison-Nagant Rod Guide
2 x 1907 Leather Sling-Dark
1 x M3A1 Tool Replacement Brush
4 x 1907 Leather Sling-Light
4 x Carbine Buddy w/Chamber Brush
3 x Garand Web Sling
7 x Lubriplate 130-A 2oz
6 x Garand Gas Cylinder Wrench/Gas Plug Wrench Combo
3 x M14/M1A MUzzle Buddy combo kit
4 x 30 cal. Jag, female thread.
7 x 7mm/.284cal Bronze Bore Brush
3 x Chamber Brush 2 Pack with Handle 30-06
4 x M1 Gas Plug Wrench
4 x M1 Rear Sight Kit-Repro
8 x .243/6mm Bronze Bore Brush
9 x .22-.26caliber Patches-1,000 COUNT
1 x M1 Garand Muzzle Buddy
3 x 6.5mm/260cal Bronze Bore Brush
4 x M1 Garand Gas Cylinder Wrench
1 x M1 Buddy 2-Pack
4 x 22 cal Jag, female thread
3 x The Original M1 Buddy
4 x M1 Buddy/M1 Sight Cover Combo
3 x Oprod Spring, New Orion 7-Single
1 x British Enfield Rod Guide
3 x Lubriplate 130-A 4oz
2 x Oprod Spring, New Orion 7- 3 pak
2 x M10 Combo Tool
3 x M1A/M14 Gas Cylinder Wrench
1 x M1A/M14 Muzzle Buddy
3 x M1 Buddy/M14 Sight Cover Combo
2 x Black Web CMP Sling
3 x Carbine Buddy/M1 Buddy & Brushes Combo
3 x The Original Carbine Buddy
1 x 22 cal Jag, male thread
4 x Schmidt-Rubin K31 Rod Guide
2 x Dewey .38/.357 Bore Brush 5PACK!
3 x 30cal Bronze Bore Brush
1 x Remington 700,Mauser, US1903, US1917,Arisaka
2 x 308 Ratcheting Chamber Brush
1 x 30 cal. Jag, male thread
1 x TK Products Carbine/Mini 14 Chamber Brush
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